Tricks and Tips to Make Your Small Kitchen Cooler than Ever

Many people don’t like spending too much time in the kitchen and wasting their energy on cooking, but just because those around you are not a fan of cooking doesn’t mean you can’t stir up and develop a constructive passion for yourself. If you’re preparing three nutritious meals for your family every single day, you’re paying attention to their health and well-being, wanting them to stay strong and happy all the time, and that’s an amazing act of love. However, even if you truly enjoy that, you could still have a hard time in the kitchen because this space is small and isn’t working for you. Most of us live in tiny apartments in residential buildings, and these apartments come with tiny kitchens, and that’s the worst possible scenario for any aspiring home cook. Luckily, even small kitchens can be spiced up if you show them some love, and you can enjoy spending time there more than you’ve imagined. If you too are stuck with a tiny kitchen, here are a few tricks that will help you make the most of it.

Tiny island

When you’re dealing with a tiny space, installing a kitchen island might be the last thing on your mind, but you’d be surprised how great these islands are even in such a limited space. There are lots of models and designs you can look into, making sure you’ve maximized all the free space you’ve got and utilized every single inch of your cooking area.

Don’t forget the lighting. Notice the stylish pendant lights that make the kitchen look bigger by distracting from the small size of the space.

An island is great for organizing your kitchen, giving you more counter top space, adding more storage options you can explore, as well as providing you with an impromptu dining space, which is more than important for people who don’t have a formal dining room in their home. In the end, such a tiny island will easily become the focal point of your kitchen, and a feature all your guests are going to notice.

Open shelves


Huge cabinets are the best and most effective way to store all your necessities, including all your cookware, kitchenware, dishware and utensils, but huge cabinets just don’t work in a tiny kitchen. Instead, you can try adding some smaller cabinets, but these might not be enough for all your possessions and could end up being rather ineffective.

So, you shouldn’t be afraid to think outside the box for a change and come up with a new solution – open shelves. These are just as spacious as your cabinets and will store everything you need, but they’re visually much smaller and subtler, which means they won’t look that massive and space-consuming. Open shelves and cabinets are a great way to combine practicality and design, making the best of both worlds and giving your small kitchen more space than ever.

Smart décor

Small living rooms and bedrooms are quite hard to decorate, and small kitchens are no different. These don’t give you an opportunity to add lots and lots of different decorations, even though these could boost the aesthetic appeal of your cooking space and make you fall in love with cooking. On the other hand, having absolutely no decorations at all will kill your motivation and make it hard for you to spend time behind the stove.

So, what you need to do is stick to just a few effective pieces that don’t require too much space, but can really go a long way. Things like fridge magnets, elegant backsplash designs, and patterns, as well as those chic and decorative kitchen textiles that will add a dose of elegance to your kitchen can really transform this space and make it more enjoyable than ever. All you have to do is discover the ideas you love the most and find a way to incorporate them into your cooking area, and you’ll start noticing the difference in no time at all.

DIY storage benches

The aforementioned problem of not having enough space in your home for a proper dining room can be solved in a couple of ways – from eating your food in your living room, in front of a TV, while binge-watching your favorite Netflix show, to eating in restaurants and fast-food joints near your home. But, if you’re truly passionate about cooking and want to show your family what a great cook you are, you simply need a dining space, no matter how small it is.

Well, if you create your own dining nook in the corner of your kitchen, you can accomplish several things at the same time. First, you’ll be saving tons of space with those small but practical seating benches that are just as comfortable as any dining room chairs. Also, you’ll boost your storage capacity even more by adding some hidden storage space underneath the seats, and you can keep the things you don’t use that often there. Finally, you’ll make your small kitchen even cuter and more inviting than ever, and every single one of your guests is going to want to join you for a meal there, so it’s really one of the best ideas in the world.

Of course, these aren’t the only tricks that are going to make your small kitchen more special than it’s ever been. Some of the other ideas you can look into include hanging your pots and pans on the walls, adding a breakfast bar to your counter, and installing a spice rack that doesn’t take too much space but can help you organize your spices better than ever.


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