Top 3 Most Common Living Room Decorating Mistakes

The living room should be an inviting area where you, guests and members of your family can go to relax or simply converse with one another. After you get home from a long day at work, chances are you’ll immediately be drawn to your favorite comfy couch where you can prop your feet back and watch some television.

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In order to achieve a relaxing and fully-functional living room, though, you must set up properly and avoid some of these common decorating mistakes.

Mistake #1 – Too Many Elements and Colors

Arguably the most common mistake homeowners make in their living room is trying to force too many elements and colors into it. While there’s nothing wrong with a palette consisting of multiple colors, you must avoid colors that clash. Instead, try to come up with an overall theme in your living room and base your decorating colors around in. When you have a clear plan of attack, decorating your living room will be less stressful and time-consuming.

Mistake #2 – Cluttering The Surrounding Area

It should go without saying that your living room needs to be kept clean and free of clutter. Try to get into the habit of placing junk mail, car keys, cell phones, magazines and other everyday items somewhere other than the living room.

Perhaps you can designate a drawer in the kitchen for these items, or you can place them in the nightstand by your bed. The bottom line is that unnecessary items need to be kept out of the living room, as they tend to have a negative impact on the decor and take away from your home’s natural beauty.

Mistake #3 – Not Using Enough Lighting

Another common mistake homeowners make when decorating their living room is not using enough lighting. Depending on how large your living room is, a single overhead lighting fixture may or may not suffice.  Floor lamps are a great alternative to end table lamps if you have limited table space or need a vertical element in the room.

When the sun goes down, carefully inspect your living room to see if there are dark areas that require additional lighting. Something as simple as adding a floor lamp or table lamp can add a great deal of lighting to an otherwise dim room. Best of all, there’s really no such thing as using “too” much lighting, so don’t worry if there are multiple light sources in your living room.

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