Landscaping Trends for 2019

Even if you’ve got a black thumb, the chances are, you’re going to love 2019! This year has some interesting trends in store for you so both avid and not so keen gardeners will have the opportunity to create a green paradise for themselves and their guests. We’ve gathered together some trends of note that might just help you make your garden a matter of pride.

Keeping it simple certainly is the best trend that could exist when it comes to landscaping – no complex elements allowed! Of course, that doesn’t imply your front and back yard should be nothing other than two big lawns. It means the less effort is needed, the better, and no one is going to scorn you for it. Today’s hectic lifestyle leaves us with little free time, and young millennial homeowners have no intention of spending hours digging and planting around the house. The following steps will show you how that is manageable.

Smart irrigation

Green homes are supposed to be smart homes, and the most recent tech advances are expanding into the garden, too. No homeowner is dragging along a big hose anymore. Everybody is installing sprinkler systems, and the very best ones even have the sensors which will stop the watering process if it has been raining.

Set up teams

Speaking of watering, another easy way to make sure your garden is hydrated enough is to combine plants into clusters. Namely, certain species require similar amounts of water and they will hence get the most benefits if they are grouped together while you’re watering them. Otherwise, some may get excessive amounts, while others will become too feeble.

Lovely lawn

Though they may seem minimal compared to what used to be popular once, lawns still need to be properly taken care of despite their size. A beautiful, green lawn never goes out of fashion. Among some of the most common lawn maintenance challenges is the so-called act of scalping, i.e. cutting the grass too low. Even though it may seem as if you were saving your time, this eventually backfires. Short grass gives more space to weeds, while the long grass strengthens the roots and makes it easier to maintain. So, be careful with your lawn and how you maintain it, because there are many reasons why your lawn might die, and you should definitely try and put a stop to it.

Make it fun

Asymmetry is the key this year, and the best gardens look amazing with separate, distinctive parts. Nevertheless, this is not to say you can go around planting whatever you want and paving paths in all directions. Asymmetry too requires careful planning, so get down to creating a unique green oasis. Bear in mind you should be creating a variation in height as well, so those groups of plants which you gathered according to their water needs should differ in their height. If in doubt, you can always turn to professionals in the horticulture field. As we have mentioned before, 2019 is the year when you can openly admit defeat and leave everything to your gardener.

Patio merger

This trend was pretty much popular last year, and it’s continuing to be so in 2019. A patio has become an inseparable part of every modern garden. All the furniture and comfortable cushions aid in an endeavor to resemble the living room. So, the latest 2019 trend is absolute relaxation, as well as organizing parties for your guests.

When choosing how to design a patio, always go for quality furniture, and ensure to protect it from the elements. Also, some people decide to build a small kitchen outdoors which they can use in the summer. Naturally, garden lighting is paid special attention, too, as it adds up to the overall nighttime atmosphere. And don’t be afraid to play around with the dark, as it can be used to conceal any areas that might be unseemly, plus some shade and shadows can contribute to the silhouettes of your garden.

Green nooks

A patio is supposed to be the lively area of your garden, while for more privacy and meditation you should consider creating some secluded parts. It can be in the form of a small bench, or even a simple chair and a table, or even some cushions. As long as they are situated in the area away from the big (sometimes noisy) patio, you will have your green nook secured. Additionally, you can hang up a hammock in the far corner of your yard and simply enjoy the sunny days with your favorite book.

Raise the bar

Or in this case, elevate the flower pots. This makes the whole gardening process much simpler, as it is easier to take care of flowers when they are in the pots, and at the same time increases the visual appeal. There are different kinds of pots and just as many variations. What is more, this then allows you to have a creative outlet – where you can move the pots around when you believe it’s high time your garden had a makeover.

As it appears, 2019 is going to be a good year for gardening. Truth be told, unless you hire a gardener, you will have to invest some effort and get your hands dirty, but it will be worth it as this year is more about creativity, and less about complicated and tiresome landscaping. So, remember less is more!

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