How to Turn Your Garage into a Cozy Extra Room with a Solid Garage Door?

Do you need more space in your home? Are you thinking of abandoning your old home and planning to get a new home so that your space problem can be tackled with? Do you have a garage in the house, which is practically unused and become a dumping space for unused things? Well, if you are answering in affirmative to all the three questions above, you have the answer in the question itself. Confused? For having additional space in the house, there is no need to abandon the same and look for a new home. Try using the garage space as an extra room. You are sure to get extra liveable square footage inside your own home.

Ways in which the garage can be used

You might have no idea as of how well the garage space can be used, particularly when there are a solid garage door and security and safety is full-proof. A garage can be transformed into a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, a bachelor’s room, an art room, a playroom, a guestroom, a library etc. Probably, you had not thought of so many possibilities that this space could offer. Now that you have ideas, why don’t you implement your creativity and innovation in the garage and turn it into a space that you would like to have in your house?

However, before transforming the garage into any kind of room, there are certain things which have to be kept in mind. Some homework needs to be done to ensure that space has been well-prepared.

Things to consider while transforming the garage into another room

Usually, the garage is not very well taken care of, probably because no one lives in the space. It is not cleaned thoroughly on regular basis. The floor of the garage is mainly of concrete and other materials are not used in the flooring. The walls are also painted ordinarily. Most importantly, the plumbing and electric lines in the space are not thoroughly checked and repaired in the garage always. Thus, damping of the floors and the walls and problems in electric lines are common issues.

When you are planning to transform the garage into another room, it is important to concentrate on the factors mentioned above. Check the floor of the garage well and locate if any area needs repair. If budget is no constraint you can look for complete floor overhaul. Along with the floor, the roof and the walls also need thorough inspection and checking. In case of cracks or leaks or damps, these need to be fixed as soon as possible.

Hire services of plumbers and electricians and get plumbing and electrical lines checked respectively.

Things that are necessary when you are transforming the garage into any room

It is obvious that the planning of décor and settings for a bedroom will be different from that of a living room, a guestroom, a kitchen or a playroom. Therefore it is important to decide as for how the garage space will be used in the first place.

  • Proper heating and cooling facilities – If the garage is used as a bedroom or even a living room, proper insulation, heating and cooling facilities have to be ensured so that the place is comfortable and cozy.


  • Furniture selection – Suitable furniture has to be installed as well. The size and the design of the furniture should depend upon the size of the garage. Not only this, the purpose for which the garage is being used will also define the kind of furniture needed in the space.


  • Installing windows – Usually, garages don’t have windows. It is important that you install windows in the space. This will allow abundant light to come in. in many garages; it is possible to install windows which reach to the floor. Complete open view in the front can be enjoyed with this setup. For keeping the cold out, the windows should be double-glazed. Make windows facing the garden or backyard for more light. It also imparts a sense of spaciousness.


  • Using light color shades – Choosing neutral and light shades for the walls is highly recommended with minimal décor and artwork. If your garage is a large one, you can experiment with colors and décor; but for small spaces, the options are limited. Light wall colors and minimal décor makes the area look larger and cozy. For some freshness, you can use small green plants in the space.

  • Proper lighting–Like other rooms of the house, it is important that the garage space is well illuminated. In fact, this space will need more lighting since it is on the ground floor and might not receive natural light to a good extent. Talk to the electrician and decide the places where lights can be installed so that each corner of the space gets abundant lighting.


Some of the garages are so awesomely transformed into pretty spaces that it is difficult to decipher that space was once a garage. It might take some time and effort to give the garage the needed design and settings. Once the area is ready, you are sure to feel elated on the addition of this new room in the house. This idea will save you lots of money as well. Just proper planning and the right contacts are needed to bring this project into life and make it a grand success.


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