Creative Office Decor Tips for Optimum Productivity

What you’re surrounded by can greatly influence your mood, and the way you feel at any given moment directly affects your productivity. This is why one of your priorities should be your office décor. Only when you feel good can you do your best, so here are some tips to improve your office design and adjust it to your needs, in order to boost your work efficiency.

Keep it bright and breezy

One thing that any space can benefit from is windows. Big enough windows mean you can get plenty of fresh air and natural light, both of which can lift your energy levels, make you feel much better and increase your focus. Furthermore, when you have enough natural light, you can avoid straining your eyes from reading under inadequate lighting. So, if you do have a window in your office, don’t hide it behind thick and opaque curtains, but rather choose translucent ones in light tones, so that you can enjoy all of the perks of an open window on a sunny day. However, no matter how big your windows are, you should install several lighting fixtures as well, or at least get a few desk lamps with white bulbs, so that you can make up for anything that you can’t achieve with natural light. It’s also important that you position your lighting sources well. The best place for them is behind you or next to you, but not in front of you, since that can dazzle you. Don’t forget, insufficient light can damage your eyesight and even cause fatigue, as can a stuffy room without enough fresh air, so always air your office space and keep it bright for maximized productivity.

Be smart about storage

Storage is probably the most important thing in an office. You need to have a lot of it and it has to provide you with enough space to put away anything you aren’t using at the moment so that you can keep your desk surface uncluttered. For example, as much as everybody likes having nice office stationary, you can’t keep all of it on your desk at the same time. So, it’s fine to go to and order all those pencils, pens, paper clips, post-its and markers in various colors, but once they arrive, make sure you have drawer dividers. Simply throwing everything in the same drawer can create a mess and slow you down once you start looking for something you desperately need, but with the dividers, you can organize everything in no time. Invest in good shelves, and even consider an adaptable floor-to-ceiling storage wall with added drawers, cupboards and shelves of different depth. As far as organizing your tasks and documents goes, you can benefit from a cork board or a blackboard wall, too. Also, you can get some decorative boxes for your shelves, some binders and files for your documents, but the crucial thing is to always keep your office tidy and clean. Clutter can break your concentration, so avoid it at all cost.

Make colors work for you and with you

The color of your wall paint, your furniture, and any other decorative details isn’t something you should choose at random. If a color suits you, it can encourage your productivity or lower it if you opt for the wrong color. Natural colors work well for any room, including your office. Certain shades of green, blue or yellow can enrich your working space and make you feel relaxed, concentrated and cheerful while doing your job. This is no coincidence since the color blue is mind-stimulating, yellow can trigger creativity and green can calm you down. However, all of this can differ from one person to another, so it’s up to you to find the colors that stimulate and inspire you and make them a part of your office décor. Even if you choose neutral colors for your walls, you can still make your office a vibrant place by adding a splash of color to your upholstery and furniture, as well as things like lighting fixtures, the clock on your wall or colorful storage boxes. Just make sure you paint your walls with low-VOC or even VOC-free paint if possible, so as to avoid breathing in these harmful chemicals.

Make it eco-friendly

There are several ways to make your office greener and preserve the environment. The easiest way is to bring in several potted plants or some fresh flowers. Not only will they make the space look more beautiful, but they will also purify your air. There are many other things you can do to turn your office into an eco-friendly one, such as switching from paper cups and plastic spoons to reusable ones, or from regular, supermarket cleaning products to natural or home-made ones. Turn off or even unplug your computers, copy machines and printers when you aren’t using them, keep the lights off during the day if possible and regulate the temperature on your cooling or heating system to save energy. As far as furniture is concerned, you can find some great earth-friendly options as well. For instance, if you’re investing in wooden furniture, make sure that it’s from sustainably harvested forests or tree farms, or that it’s reclaimed wood, and if it’s metal or plastic furniture, opt for the recycled versions. Furthermore, if you buy furniture that’s durable or easily fixable, you’ll avoid having to discard and replace it sooner than you expect. Finally, try staying away from furniture that’s been treated with flame retardants and other toxic materials. They are bad for the environment, but also for your health.

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