Best Living Room Decorating Ideas For 2019

Your living home is doubtlessly one of the most critical areas in your home. Apart from being the place where you meet with your loved ones every day, it is also an area which your visitors see when entering your home. It is a place which others can use to develop a perception about you; thus you should do all you can to give it a charming and inviting look.

The good news is that there are no limits on how you can decorate your living room. There are tons of options available, not to mention that there are thousands of interior designers who can help you achieve your dream living room without a hassle.

Although re-decorating your living room seems like an exciting undertaking, it is capable of draining your bank accounts, emptying your pockets, and immersing you in a pool of debts if you decide to replace everything instead of prioritizing and maximizing on what is already in place.

If your living room looks unsightly, it doesn’t always mean that you need to do a full redesign. Below are some simple ideas that will give it an instant makeover.

1. Change the view

More often than not, most homeowners believe that having the couch face the TV is the standard classic layout of a living room. What if you decided to be different, and have it face a window that overlooks your well-maintained garden, or faces another couch? You don’t have to necessarily follow what everyone does if your desire is to convert this space into a picturesque hub that will define your entire home. Arrange your living room furniture in a way that makes more sense to you.

2. Go antique

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Going antique is old-school, but will never go out of style. To add a new breath of life to your living room, all you need is to give it a little bit of character. Hit your local vintage store and buy unique items characterized by age and glamour. You can buy antique lighting, styling tabletop,  antique furniture, or décor that will give your home a traditional but elegant look. Nonetheless, be careful when doing this, and make sure that what you choose will complement and not compromise your sense of style.

3. Change the layout

You will be surprised to find out that in most cases, all you need to do to give your living room a fresh look is to alter the layout. There are high chances that you have pushed your large furniture against the walls, right? Besides, almost everyone does that to create space. You can change this narrative and try floating it in the middle of the room.

If you are blessed with a large living room which has plenty of space, you can try subdividing it into multiple zones, so that you don’t leave too much room between the seating arrangements.

4. Use color repetition

Having too many colors in your living room can compromise its aesthetic appeal. However, if you stick to one or two dominant colors and repeat them in different items, you can go a long way in giving your living room a chic and classy transformation. For example, if you have a tan leather sofa and green pillow, try repeating these colors in other accessories such as beautiful lighting, vases, and benches.

5. Add a plant or two

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Adding some greenery will give your living room a finishing touch and make it more serene. But don’t plant a bush to make a point. Rather, look at the size of your living room and determine the number of plants that will complement the décor already in place. Also, don’t forget to look at your schedule, so that you can decide if you will have low-maintenance succulents or a fiddle-leaf fig tree that will demand a lot of attention for its overall health.

6. Add floor pillows

Floor pillows can go a long way in layering and laying back your living room. When shopping for these pillows, make sure you choose a color that will complement other decorative features in the room. Going for those that offer additional storage such as the Moroccan kilim floor pillows is a plus.

7. Reorganize your shelves, bookcases, and tabletops

One of the main reasons why your living room doesn’t look appealing is because you have cluttered it with lots of items. De-clutter your shelves, tabletops, and bookcases. Remove everything from these areas and start rearranging them. Get rid of things you don’t need, and re-organize items one by one. Remember, your ultimate goal is to make your living room look gorgeous. Try some beautiful tabletops for your living room. Therefore, living white space when reorganizing these elements is critical for eye pause.

8. Choose your colors wisely

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Colors can create a rift between a stylish living room and others. You don’t just go to your home improvement store and buy any color that looks beautiful. You have first to do a background check and determine one that will complement other decorative features in the room. Always choose brighter colors since they can give your room a perceived sense of space, especially if you have a small living room.

You can part with a few bucks and pay a professional designer to help you choose the colors that will go hand in hand with your style.

For enhanced results with the ideas mentioned above, you can consider working with an expert. However, you can implement them yourself and still give your living room a makeover you will live to appreciate!

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