8 Ways In Which Office Furniture Can Alter Your Productivity

The office is one of the most significant parts of life for everyone as people usually spends 8-9 hours of their day here. It is the place where an employee spends the most productive hours of his life. So, the infrastructure and furniture of a workplace are as important as a good team and likable job roles.

You must have noticed that most of the people don’t love to go to their offices. Yes, social media is full of posts where people portray Monday as the worst day of the week. But do you ever thought why it actually happens? And is it possible for them to give their best at a place where they even don’t want to go?  Going to the same place, watching the same rooms, sitting on same boring chairs can infuse lethargy into employees. It is obvious that their most creative ideas can’t come out in such an atmosphere.

Cracked walls, uncomfortable chairs, boring brown tables, all of it make the surroundings very dull. Office owners spend lots of money on hiring the best resources, giving incentives, organizing parties which all can make employees comfortable and consequently increase their productivity. But seldom have they known how office furniture can change the life of their employees. So, let’s understand how office furniture helps in altering the productivity of your employees:


1. Relaxing chairs reduces discomfort:

Comfort level is something which is very important for productivity. If an employee is feeling uncomfortable because of the sitting arrangement or chair, then he can’t focus properly at the work. Physical stress coupled with mental stress will only hamper productivity. The chairs should be paddy which provides proper back support to the staff members. You should not compromise the comfort level of employees for stylish yet uncomfortable chairs. You can select the best chairs which are cool plus cozy from an office furniture manufacturer.

2. Proper height tables can ease physical pain:

When a person feels physical unease, then thoughts related to it will keep running in the back of his mind. Yes, it’s a common human tendency. So eliminating every physical pain of employee through proper furniture is the responsibility of the company. The tables should be placed on a proper height so that the employee doesn’t feel neck strain while looking at it for long hours.  The employee will automatically become more productive after getting free from every type of physical unease.

3. Colorful furniture infuses new energy:

It’s a psychological fact that colors can stimulate our thinking levels. You should invest much thought while selecting the color combination of furniture and walls of the office. The colorful rooms, chairs, tables etc. will enhance the aesthetic beauty of the office. The creativity will ooze out of employees once the office will become pleasant to their eyes.

4. Open desks allow communication:

Human beings are social animals by nature. Considering this, the trick of hampering office communications to increase work output won’t work. You should employ open desks system in your office as sometimes communication also helps in giving new ideas. Don’t restrict your employee’s communications by compartmentalizing them. They are not in school anymore. Yes, you can apply a few restrictions to ensure that they won’t waste most of their time in gossips. But little bit chit chat will help in decreasing their stress level and creates a friendly office environment. The productivity will surely boost when the staff members can talk with each other.


5. Unique furniture enhances excitement:

Nowadays, many modern furniture options are available at office furniture manufacturers. You can select some unique furniture items, which will give your office a creative look and team members would love to work while sitting on them! If you have adequate space, then you can add colorful stools, mats, bean bags, sofas, and swing seats etc. in your office.  It will decrease the boredom which one can feel while sitting on the same chairs daily. Everyone love change and employees will feel satisfied after working with such rare furniture.


6. Adequate lighting provides a likable atmosphere:

Proper lighting is very important to build the perfect work environment in an office. Dim lights can make the atmosphere sleepy, and one will also feel eye strain while looking at the screen in low lights. On the other hand, very harsh lights also affect the focus of our eyes. One can solve this problem by using natural lighting accompanied by some table lamps which the employees can use according to their comfort level and need. It will make a positive atmosphere and increase creativity.


7. Natural beauty reduces stress:

Nature was a healer and nurse to famous poet Wordsworth. Not only he, but many poets and educationists understood the power of nature. It’s so effective that anyone would love the idea of working amidst natural beauty. It is something which can soothe humans and kill their stress. However, it’s not possible to bring the entire nature into the office space but, still, you can decorate it with some plants and flowers. It will also beautify the physical appearance of your office.


8. Proper cupboards help in time management:

According to one study, staff members spend 4.3 hours per week searching for their important documents. So, an office must have an adequate number of cupboards where employees can keep their documents and files in an organized manner. It will save their time which they can utilize in more productive works. The office will also look cleaner without bunches of files lying here and there.

Hence, it’s time to work on your boring office furniture and infrastructure. It’s not necessary to change all of the furniture instantly, but you can change it slowly according to your budget and need. The candidates usually judge a company on the basis of its office. So, a modern style office would attract more talent to your company as everyone dreams of working in such an environment!

Author Bio:

Aditya Khanna is an avid interior design blogger and also an office furniture manufacturer. Attention to detail, good listening skills, and great empathy are symbols of his appreciation by his clients. He is effectively supported by a team of administration, group benefits, and investment products specialists whose teamwork and professionalism help him build long-term relationships with his growing client base and provide excellent customer service.


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