8 Kitchen Lighting Fixtures to Achieve a Modern Finish

Your kitchen is one of the most functional areas in your home, that’s why lighting plays an essential role. Lighting sets the mood for your kitchen. Thus, a good choice of kitchen lighting is a key to achieve a beautiful kitchen while providing proper lighting for any cooking or preparation done in it.

Most of the time, people know what their lighting needs are. However, if you have no idea what lighting fixture is best for your kitchen, here is a list of fixtures that can help you achieve a functional and beautifully modern finish.

A 3-Light Drum Chandelier

If you are looking for suitable lighting for your kitchen, a 3-light drum chandelier is a perfect style that would provide glamorous light to the space. Without overwhelming your room, its glossy design will render an elegant vibe to your kitchen.

This 3-light drum chandelier is a perfect decoration for your kitchen island or table. This fixture comes in a bronze or silver finish with a total of 3 lovely lights. Three of them are candelabra base lights and one down light.

This Ceiling Chandelier is also versatile because it has several settings that let you use different light combinations. Its bright lines and beautiful design will give your kitchen more luxe and adds a classy appeal to your place.

A 3-Light Kitchen Island Pendant

If you like a pendant light to hang over your kitchen island, then this 3-light kitchen island pendant would be a good choice for your taste. This kitchen light comes with a variety of finishes that could match your home decor.

A pendant light is a versatile fixture that is perfect for lighting up your kitchen. It comes with three hanging pendants that are adjustable. You can also choose between a silver or bronze finish for its lights.

This kitchen light would also be best if you attach it to a light dimmer and make sure to mount it with an electrical box. Hence, the fixture is also convenient because you can adjust its height.

A White Recessed LED Light

Recessed lights are metal light housings that you can install above your ceiling line. They are also known as downlights or can light, and they require large ceiling wiring. Recessed lights run only in one cable with junction boxes for light-to-light connections.

However, if you think that recessed lights are perfect for your kitchen, then you must consider buying a white recessed LED lighting kit. It’s undoubtedly everything you need for lighting your kitchen.

The lights blend perfectly to your ceiling, and you will barely even notice that they’re there. Plus, it has energy-efficient LEDs that you can use in a long period of operation without maintenance, so you can assure that the product would last longer.

An Under Cabinet Light

An under cabinet light is the perfect light you can use to attach to your kitchen cabinets. This product allows you to easily light up the kitchen counters that help you to see better what you’re doing.

The under cabinet light comes with a variety of sizes such as 9 inches, 24 inches up to 36 inches long. Another energy-efficient product, this under cabinet light comes in a bronze or white finish. However, its curved frosted lens provides you with even light distribution.

This simple kitchen light is a must-have light for you to achieve a bright and visible kitchen countertop. Also, the fixture is lightweight and easy to install which makes it more convenient.

A Modern Industrial Pendant Light


Another option when buying pendant lights is this modern industrial pendant light. This kitchen light comes in antique brass and a simple black finishes. It also offers different styles such as the one up to five-bulb fixtures.

This type of kitchen light is easy to install, and you can also adjust its hanging rod that helps you customize the fixture whatever you think fits best for your kitchen. Also, you can use this pendant light with dimmable LED lamps.

This modern industrial pendant light is a perfect fixture to give your kitchen a luxe look. This product also looks good over your sinks and counters, and kitchen islands. Thus, the product is perfect to match your farmhouse or contemporary house decor.

A Flush Mount Light

Flush mount lights are the fixtures that fit perfectly for your small kitchen with a low ceiling. Attach the product to your roof with little to no gap. Hence, choosing this flush mount light would fit perfectly with your decor.

This flush mount light comes in several sizes including the 10 to a 14-inch fixture with a simple silver design. This light also has edge-to-edge lighting design which is essential for its consistent illumination to provide light to all the corners of your kitchen.

The flush mount light is lightweight, easy to install, and provides you with beautiful lighting. Also, the product has a sleek design that fits perfectly with any kitchen styles.

A 2-Bulb Tube Light

If you have a bigger kitchen, consider buying a fixture that uses tube bulbs. Its lights are long and could occupy to light up a large area. Thus, make sure to buy a two-bulb tube light to ensure a brighter kitchen.

This fixture is a 52-inch design and has a good silver finish which helps your kitchen look modern and elegant. Its two light bulbs have a diffuser and end caps that are essential for putting off a significant amount of light.

A Track Lighting Fixture

A track lighting fixture is best for your kitchen in lighting hard-to-reach areas because it has multi-directional heads. It has four light heads made with 50-watt halogen bulbs which are all adjustable.

Also, this fixture is compatible with light dimmers, and it’s easy to install on the junction box with its line-voltage design. As a result, the use of this track lighting fixture would be one of the small kitchen design tips to help match your kitchen decor perfectly.


Choosing the best kitchen lights is a hard decision especially if you have no idea with what fixture would look perfect to the area. Take your cue from the list above to give you valuable insights when it comes to buying the correct kitchen lighting fixtures to achieve a modern finish.


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