8 Best Natural Paving Stones for Your Backyard Patio

When we are designing and constructing our backyard patio, we know one fact very well. It is a one-time effort in life to create something beautiful and long-lasting. Therefore, we are looking for the best material, design, and contractor.

If you belong to among those people sought after right advice for their backyard patio construction, I am going to give some best tips for paver material selection.

Today, the cement-concrete industry has advanced molding tools and techniques to manufacture concrete slabs of various sizes, colors, design, and textures. They can simulate bricks, stones, and tiles artificially.

Of course, it is a bit cheaper option but cannot withstand against the advantages come with natural stone pavers. For instance,

  • Natural stones are aesthetically pleasing thanks to imprints of wear & tear by weather conditions over time.
  • Stones are the most sturdy and durable material used in stone paving.
  • You can find natural stones in a variety of sizes, colors, textures, designs, and shapes in the contemporary market.

It is worth to spend on natural stones once you realized all. Let’s check different types of natural stones we can use in patio paving and benefits come along each type of stone.

1 – Natural Limestone in Your Backyard Patios

Different types of limestone are available in nature. The formation or sedimentation process decides the types of limestone. Different depths in sea water, type of territorial water condition like stable lakes, running rivers, springs-hot & cold, and other weather conditions decide the properties of limestone along with look-n-feel.

Fossiliferous limestone has highly variable imprints of natural processes on the surfaces. Grain size and pattern depends on the geological history of areas where limestone quarries located. Non-granular limestone has different kinds of design patterns.

In short, limestone is the most versatile and alluring natural stones available in the market.

2 – Natural Flagstones in Your Backyard Patios

If you are running after large and flat stone pieces for your backyard patio, flagstone is an ideal choice. You can find color variations in a single stone, which an outstanding peculiarity of flagstone and render it an excellent choice for patio and path pavers.

However, colors depend on source & location of stone quarries. You can find different shades of colors such as beige, peach, pink, red, chocolate, white, blue, green, and gold. Homeowners, builders, and contractors consider flagstones as their first preference for patio paver thanks its non-slip surfaces, shape variations, and design options.

3 – Natural Fieldstone in Your Backyard Patios

As its name indicates, it comes from the agriculture fields of Europe, States, and Canada. Thanks to its rough-cut appearance and more sturdy than flagstone.

Therefore, it is a choice of many homeowners and contractors looking of solid construction option for your backyard patio. It is resulting in more rustic and natural looking patio for backyard and paving applications.

4 – Natural Bluestone in Your Backyard Patios

Bluestone is a convenience label rather than a geological term in the British peninsula. The dominance of blue color in more than 20 types of different rocks represents a single term-Bluestone. It is Preseli Spotted Dolerite that found in the British Isles and used heavily in outdoor flooring since a century.

It is favorite for its unassuming beauty and natural subtlety. So, it is a perfect choice for gardens, plants on and around it, as well as dark-colored furniture laid on the top. The softness of bluestone allows easy cut into regular and irregular shapes. However, irregular shapes create a more natural appearance of your backyard patio.

If you add curves in stone shapes, it will enhance the beauty of the entire landscape and provide more option to the exterior designers to show creativity.

5 – Natural Brownstones in Your Backyard Patios

When we invite guests for a party or any occasion and arrangement location is a patio, we intend to create a tranquil and soothing ambiance that welcomes them warmly. Brownstone is a highly used variety of Sandstone.

Spectacular brown color with reddish hues makes brownstone rich & vibrant without many distractions. Non-slip surfaces & heat resistance render it an ideal choice for backyard patios.

You can cut stones in any size, shape, and dimensions. Thus, it sets with any layout you have imagined and gives natural and organic vibe. It also needs minimal maintenance, cost-effective, and rough & tough against weathering as well as heavy usage.

6 – Natural Soapstone in Your Backyard Patios

As its name suggests, its softer grade variety may feel like bathing soap when touched thanks to the high concentration of talc. However, other grades with contamination of various minerals make it sturdy enough to use in outdoor applications including backyard patios.

Soapstone is not as hard as granite, so it is easy to cut in various shapes and sizes to create a theme. It is heat resistant and non-porous, so permeability is almost nil, so it is an ideal choice for countertops. However, less expensive varieties are cost-effective when you think of backyard patios with additional heat and electric current resistance.

7 – Natural Cobblestones in Your Backyard Patios

It is a variety of granite. It is a hard rock so used to apply on the construction of driveways, patios, and garden paths. It is stain resistant and weatherproof. It lasts for a century, so ancient architectures have an abundance of cobblestone. It mostly used in octagonal shapes but square and rectangular shapes are easy to find.

It is available in a variety of colors including grey, black, red, terra cotta, and pink tones. It has rough surfaces that make it non-slip material for outdoor applications including bus stops, crosswalk, and sidewalk in public spaces.

8 – Natural Quartzite Stone in Your Backyard Patios

Sandstone had a lot of varieties and used in low-end backyard patios. The sandstone turned into quartzite by natural tectonic pressure and heat. Individual quartz grains recrystallize along with sandstone cementing in nature it forms an interlocking mosaic of quartz crystals. Thus, its grainy sandpaper like surfaces takes glassy appearance.

A varying amount of iron oxide mixtures become the causes of various colors right from blue, green, yellow, and orange. Iron oxide, silica, carbonate, and clay migrating during the metamorphosis of rocks and resulting in streaks and lenses in quartzite. The Irish Quartzite is an ideal commercial product to use in backyard patios, garden patios, and on various decorative places in architectural constructions.


Where You Will Find the Best Natural Stones for Your Backyard Patio?

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